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Hi everyone! My name is Jose and I started developing Apps and Games to cover some needs of my own that I felt that could improve, so these applications are meant to make my daily life a little bit easier and I thought that they could also help you as well.

For this reason I have uploaded and optimized these Apps to the platforms Google Play Store and Amazon App Store for free (except Bingo Shout Premium for being a version without advertisements).

What can you find in this website?

In this website you will find all the Apps and Games that I have developed, and also it is where you can be aware of news such as updates that I am working on, new Apps and its tutorials.

Let’s see the following Blog:


Currently the Apps available in both platforms are:

Best Custom Buttons

Where is my car?

Mortgage and Loans

Memory Notes – A Simple Notepad

Retro Flashlight


The Games that I have developed and uploaded into both platforms are as follows:

Bingo Shout

Skull Game

Guess It!

Bingo Shout Online Premium

Sphere system

In all the Apps on this website you can collect spheres that will be used to remove the advertising from the application and get additional content in some of them.

For example, in the application Guess It – Word Party Charades, you can buy new decks to be able to expand the number of cards and play games with different types of categories.

Most importantly, the spheres are common to all Apps, that is, if you get them in Bingo Shout you can use them in Guess It and vice versa. So with all!

How do I get the spheres?

The spheres can be obtained in the following way:


Enter the apps daily to receive a reward in each of them


By downloading new apps you will get a large number of spheres


By watching videos within the app you can collect more spheres

Guías de uso

Do you have new ideas for any App?

If you have any idea for an App that can help you, contact me through the following form: