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Benefits of having an App for notes on your mobile

November 26, 2020
Benefits of having an App for notes on your mobile

Stop forgetting things with this fantastic application

Our day to day is getting faster and faster and we have so many things on our mind that we forget others that may become very important. Maybe you think that having an agenda or sticking notes everywhere is the solution to this problem, but it is not. What would you think if I told you that you have the solution to your problem in your pocket? Yes, right in your pocket!

Today there are technological solutions that allow us to have reminders and write things down very easily. Mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, have changed the world as we knew it. And developers have taken advantage of this and created applications that increase productivity and solve problems in a simple way.

If you are like me and you need to write down everything so you don’t forget it, it is recommended that you start using an App for notes. These simple applications will be very useful and will make your days easier. They will allow you to create notes and reminders to never forget the important things again.

Stop forgetting about meetings, what you have to buy in the supermarket, when the children leave school, pay your bills, and anything else that you tend to forget quite often. With an app for notes on your mobile device you will get a reminder of the events that you have added to your agenda and the notes you have written.

Forget the pencil and paper, although they are useful to remember and write things down, that is in the past. So, take advantage of technology and make your life easier.

What is a note app?

A notes application is simply a digital notebook that will help you save your ideas and write down important things so that you do not forget them and you can always have them at hand when you need them. Nowadays they are often used a lot, and it is that people have begun to see their benefits and have stopped writing things down on paper. In addition, reducing paper consumption also helps the environment. So, advantages for all!

In short, an App for notes is nothing more than a simple digital notebook through which you can write down everything you need. It also has reminders and some other features that a traditional notebook can’t compete with. Go to the future and throw away that heavy and old notebook that only takes up space and install this application on your mobile device.

What benefits do these applications offer?

These applications offer a series of advantages that will make your life a little easier, and after a few days of use you will be grateful for having installed it. Among the main benefits they offer you we have:

  • Simplicity and ease of use: you don’t need to be an expert to be able to use one of these applications, and its simplicity is one of its greatest attractions. Even someone who has never used a smartphone will be able to manipulate it.
  • Reminders: do you need to schedule an appointment or a meeting? There is no need to worry, these Apps will allow you to save notes as reminders that will notify you on the screen of your device of that important business meeting that you cannot miss. You can configure the reminders to your liking and how long in advance it will be.
  • Multiple input types: tired and don’t want to write? Nothing happens, you can record voice notes or do some scribbling on your screen. This way, you will have no excuse not to save your note.
  • It’s free! The vast majority of these applications are totally free and you can use them without any type of limitation. So, you can save yourself some money by not having to constantly buy pencil or paper. While it is true that some paid applications, the truth is that the ones you find for free have nothing to envy and are fully functional.
  • Tasks: you can organize your day by using tasks, you can sort them by relevance or schedules, this will increase your productivity.
  • Organization: you can organize your notes with labels or colors to distinguish them from each other or give each color its own code of importance.

What is the best note app today?

Although there are many applications of this type, there are some that stand out over others, either because of their simplicity, functionality or because of the different tools they offer. Maybe choosing one of all that sea of applications is more difficult than you thought. For this reason, and to make it easier for you, we bring you Memory Notes, a very easy-to-use Note App. And it is precisely that simplicity that makes it so attractive, and it will make your days easier.

You can add, delete or mark as done the notes you have saved. In addition, its storage is offline so you can have access to your notes without the need to be connected to the network. You can also identify your notes by using colors and relevance, so you always have the most important ones close at hand. It has a notification and alert system through which you can specify a date for your note and it will automatically notify you in advance, so you never miss a meeting or an important appointment again.

All these reasons make Memory Notes an application that you must take into account. You won’t waste time learning how to use dozens of functions that you will most likely never use. And with its built-in calendar, you can set dates and times for your activities and you can also cross out the tasks that you have already completed to have a better organization.

Things that are not recommended to have in your notes application

For security and privacy reasons, there are things that it is not recommended that you keep in these applications. Below I will leave you some:

  • Bank information: do not store information about your bank accounts, cards, pins or passwords.
  • Personal information: avoid as much as possible storing personal data such as ID, social security number and other sensitive information.
  • Passwords: as in the previous cases, it is not recommended to save passwords for your email addresses or other accounts.

Keep in mind that if your device is lost or stolen, they will have access to all the information you have stored there. That is why it is better to avoid saving notes of this nature, since there are safer places than your mobile where to store this type of information.


A Notes App is very useful and necessary in our lives, not only for the benefits it brings but also for the peace of mind it can offer you. There are many of us who forget things with relative ease. However, with order, perseverance and an application of notes you can solve this.

Because these applications are cross-platform, no matter what type of device you have, you will most likely be able to use it. Also, remember that the simpler the application, the less complications you will find along the way. Therefore, a simple application that goes to the point is better than one with so many functions that will end up confusing you and you will not know how to use.