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FAQ Bingo Shout

December 22, 2019
Bingo Shout - Bingo Caller Free

At the beginning of the app you can choose between 90 or 75 ball mode:

✪ 90 ball bingo mode, typical online Spanish bingo.

✪ 75 ball bingo mode, typical online American bingo.

It consists of the following Parties:

Sing Bingo 90 ball panel

Start game:

Button that will automatically take balls from the bass drum, being able to configure the speed at which the balls appear and reading each one of them.


Button that will pause the game that has been started from the automatic game button.


Pressing the button will take out only one ball waiting for it to be pressed again manually to remove the next ball (so you can play at your own pace) and read that ball.


Allows you to activate / deactivate the voice within the settings section the game can be silenced

Repeat numbers:

Button to repeat all the numbers that have appeared so far. All entries will be repeated at the same pace as the one selected in the automatic game.

Repeat last number:

It allows you to repeat the last number that has been generated. Pressing the button will repeat the last number that has appeared, just in case you need to hear it again.

Reset Game:

Button to restart game. You can restart the game from the beginning by pressing that button.

Add Cardboard:

Pressing it will show a window to choose the number of cards with which we want to play the game, we can select from 1 to 4 cards.


Pressing it will display this quick guide.


The settings window will display the configuration menu.