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Memory Notes – A Simple Notepad

Memory Notes


It has happened to all of us at some time, that we forget certain things that we had to do and we feel bad about it. Memory can often fail us so it is not recommended that we rely on it.

The confinement we are currently experiencing has caused agendas to get out of control and tasks to pile up causing a feeling of anxiety as we cannot accomplish all of them.

If you forget things often, the Memory Notes application is your ally to remember all the important matters that you must attend to in your day to day. Since we always have our electronic devices with us, you can download the application on your computer and review your pending tasks whenever you want.

You can download it from the Google Play Store or by clicking here totally FREE.

Do not trust memory and have everything written

Experts insist on the importance of writing down all the issues and tasks that we must do and not relying on memory at all. This principle is based on creating an action for each task that is on the calendar, in this way the tasks will be completed effortlessly.

It is vital not to rely on memory or isolated notes the chores or tasks that must be done to go to bed without thinking about the next day’s activities and to be able to rest peacefully.

The best way to avoid feeling overwhelmed and with the unpleasant feeling of forgetting something along the way is to write down in advance what to do for the next day.

Having a good rest, waking up calm in the morning and checking the pending tasks for the day, is the best way to approach the workday that awaits you.

Write everything down and have priorities

The cause of stress is not having a lot of work but when it is imposed, we have no control over it and it is a job that we do not like. That is why it is important that we establish priorities and not make commitments that we cannot fulfill and learn to use our time wisely.

It is essential to avoid work commitments that cause us an imbalance in our already planned tasks, as well as to have a habit of recording new activities and placing a priority on them.

You can use any site or platform you want, record everything that you consider to be a task, organize them and assign a priority to each one.

A simple but important technique is to make the tasks smaller so that they are not overwhelming, this way they will be more bearable and seem easier than doing a complete task.

The Memory Notes mobile app

The Memory Notes application for mobile devices is a notepad where you can write down all your tasks and events of any kind.

This notebook for personal use will help you organize your pending activities in a quick way and with easy access without difficulties.

With Memory Notes you will not need paper or pencil to write all your earrings. You should not expect to remember everything, write it down in the application and have it always available whenever you need it.

Memory Notes brings the following sections:


Here all pending activities are shown with a classification based on dates, title and importance of the task.

Tasks will be displayed according to the day they were scheduled, although they can also be viewed regardless of the day. Tasks that have already been completed are saved and can also be reviewed when required.

The application allows you to indicate how the tasks were done to recover them later without having to delete them.

To highlight the importance of tasks more easily, they can be differentiated by colors according to their priority. The most important ones will be in red, the least important ones in yellow and those that can wait in green.


In this section are the quick access notes where you can write what you need to always have it at hand.

The notes created will be displayed in a list that only indicates the title and when clicking on it, all the content of the note will be displayed so that the process is faster and must be opened separately.

How do I use the Memory Notes application?

To use the Memory Notes application you must follow the following instructions:

  • Click the Add window in the title bar to add a note or task.
  • To see the information of the note or task in question, click on the Description window.
  • If you keep clicking on a note or task, a window will open for modifying or deleting the note or task.

The importance of the Memory Notes application

In this world that is always changing and can sometimes be somewhat chaotic, it is very important to have all our tasks organized in the best possible way since our memory can play against us and make us forget everything we have to do.

But the only thing that we never forget and that we always have at hand is our cell phone or any of our mobile devices.

That is why the Memory Notes application is your great ally to always remember your pending issues because you can download the application for free on your mobile device and write down all your tasks and review them whenever you want on your smartphone.

In this way you will never forget your duties, you will fully fulfill your commitments and you will feel calmer since you will always be up to date with your obligations.

We can use our phone for many things in addition to calls and messages, this application is of great help especially for people who have a very busy pace of life and are always in a hurry, which causes them to forget some things and not fully comply with their activities .

With Memory Notes you will never forget a commitment, appointment or pending issue, you just have to write down your daily tasks in the application and review them during the day, marking the fulfillment of each one until you complete them all.

Easy to use and access, Memory Notes is the application that will allow you to perform all your tasks without feeling stressed and with the peace of mind that you will not forget any of them.