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Bingo Shout

Bingo Shout - Bingo Caller Free


Bingo has always been present in our lives, becoming one of the oldest forms of gambling in the world. One of the advantages of bingo is that it can be played with many people, making it a fun activity for entertainment with family and friends.

Over time, this game has evolved to become a digital game specifically in the Bingo Shout mobile App, where you can play with your family and friends through your smartphone, without the need for everyone to be present in the same place. This is very important in this time of confinement.

Despite this, bingo is still an entertaining and fun game with which you will undoubtedly have a good time with your loved ones.

You can download it from Google Play Store and Amazon App Store totally FREE.

The traditional game of bingo

The story of how bingo originated is not very clear but what cannot be denied is that all of us have played bingo with family or friends at some point in our lives.

This game has been a benchmark and a great influence from generation to generation since it never goes out of style and is a healthy, safe and dynamic form of entertainment for all people of any age.

The concept of the game is simple: you need a kick drum, where the balls with the numbers will be, the cards are distributed among the players and tables for the people who will play bingo.

Then, a person is in charge of turning the bass drum, taking out a ball and saying the number and letter of it and so on until a player fills his card and sings bingo.

This simple design has been one of the main characteristics of bingo and it is what has motivated its maintenance over time since it allows families, friends and communities to get together and share a pleasant time without needing many elements or technological devices.

App Bingo Shout

Bingo has transcended from cards to smartphones; thanks to the Bingo Shout App, where you can continue enjoying the fun of the game concept, but in digital format through any mobile device.

As with traditional bingo this application allows you to play with your family and friends but now through electronic equipment, so they can play and have fun from wherever they are at any time of the day.

You just have to install the application on your mobile device, follow the instructions on how to play Bingo Shout and connect with your loved ones so that they have a pleasant and enjoyable time with the best game to share with the family.

There will no longer be a need to sing bingo because the application does it for you, simulating the mechanism of the kick drum. Bingo Shout is free, you can play without registering and an internet connection is not required.

The application can be downloaded on Android smartphones, tablets and televisions.

Bingo Shout app features

The Bingo Shout application for mobile devices has the following features:

✪ A button to start the game; This button will remove the balls from the drum automatically, setting the speed at which the balls are coming out and reading each one of them.

✪ A pause button, which will stop the game that was started from the automatic start button.

✪ A button that pulls one out manually; This button allows balls to pop out one at a time each time it is pressed, reading one ball at a time. So you can play at the pace that the players prefer.

✪ The application generates the numbers randomly and places them in their place on the game panel.

✪ The numbers are read automatically, when the number has two digits, the application first reads it in full and then for each of its digits, for example: “24”, “2”, “4”.

✪ You can enable or disable the voice of the application. In the settings section you can mute the game.

✪ Allows the last number to be repeated, pressing the button to repeat it if you need to hear it again.

✪ A button to restart the game, being able to start the game again from the beginning by pressing the button.

✪ Option to repeat all the numbers that had appeared up to that moment, in the same order and at the selected speed.

✪ Help icon for the operation of the application where all the available alternatives are indicated. The rules of the game are not indicated here.

✪ At the beginning of the App, you can choose between the 75-ball mode, which is the traditional American game, or the 90-ball mode, which is the typical bingo of Spain.

Additional details of the Bingo Shout app

The Bingo Shout application is a bingo game simulator, money bets cannot be made, it is a free App in all aspects.

The appropriate way to play Bingo Shout is through an electronic device, be it a smartphone, a tablet or an Android TV to use the option to sing each of the balls and that each player who participates in the game, use their equipment like cardboard to play comfortably.

If you want to play with more than one card, there is a button where you can select the number of cards with which the player wants to play.

In addition, in the Premium version of Bingo Shout you can play online with all the players you want and the function of singing the lines and bingo automatically is also included.

The Canta Bingo mobile application is the ideal way to continue the tradition of playing bingo through mobile devices that has the advantage that you can play with your loved ones no matter where they are.

Fun is guaranteed with Bingo Shout, download the application and enjoy some time of entertainment enjoying with your family this game that has and will continue to influence all generations for a long time.

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