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New App: Memory Notes A Simple Notepad

November 26, 2020
Memory Notes

New App Added to the web: Memory Notes A Simple Notepad.

Simple personal notebook that will help you organize your to-dos, quickly and easily access, without complications.

You will not need to take a pencil and paper to write everything that comes up, do not wait to remember later, write it in the application to always have it at hand.

It includes the following sections:

Tasks: shows all pending tasks, sorting them by date, importance and title. The tasks will be displayed according to the day of the week that has been scheduled, you can see them every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You will also be able to see all pending tasks regardless of day and all completed tasks.

You can sort tasks by date, name, or importance.

The application allows you to mark how tasks were performed and be able to retrieve them later without the need to delete them.

Differentiation of tasks by colors, according to the selected importance. The most important ones appear in red, the least important ones in yellow and the least urgent ones in green.

Notes: quick access notes, point to what you need to always have it at hand. All the notes that have been created will be displayed in a list, only the title will be displayed and clicking on it will display the entire content of the note, so it’s faster and doesn’t need to be opened separately.

Puedes descargarla totalmente GRATIS en Google Play Store.

You can download it totally FREE in the Google Play Store.

More details on the next page: Memory Notes A Simple Notepad.